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Than you for choosing massage therapy Whether you need an isolated treatment on a particular area of pain or tension or full body massage, each massage treatment is customized to use unique artful techniques with specific purposes to assure melting muscles, circulation, and pain management. you can also host an at home or work self care party or customized massage groups  set up a consultation for more information.

Swedish Massage

Swedish therapeutic Fusion Massage

An Ancient Science

Using a variety of techniques this can be both relaxing and rejuvenating. slower strokes will allow your muscles to melt with each movement, I will tailor this massage to your individual needs. This combo will target sore muscles, relaxation and soft tissue manipulation to relieve specific areas of discomfort.


Warm Bamboo Massage

Natural Healing

A treatment using warm Bamboo tools to melt your tight muscles away using  Sneaky deep tissue techniques. Using different shaped tools to conform to your body which will promote an unbelievable deep sense of relaxation. this is a must!

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Feel Rejuvinated

Hot stone massage is a type of massage that is used to help relax and melt tense muscles and increase circulation to help damaged soft tissues throughout your body. 

The stones will be placed along your spine, chest, palms, and feet. I will use the warm stones as an extension of my hands.



Pre & Post workout

Natural Healing

  • spasms

  • muscle soreness

  • muscle recovery

  • range of motion

  • post surgery

  • pre surgery (doctor release)

  • trigger points

  • you name it lets work on it together

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Manual Lymphatic drainage

Natural Healing

book your Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Corpus Christi

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Learn how holistic medicine can complement traditional Western medicine.